Warming Up To Winter

You’ve heard winters in Buffalo Niagara are cold and snowy? It’s true! It’s not as cold and not as snowy as you’ve likely heard from your snarky great uncle, but we certainly do love and embrace our winters. If this is one of your first winters, there are a few simple tips to help you through: 1)​ If the temperatures really drop, dress warm and in layers; 2)​ Get a shovel or a snowblower (and politely clear your sidewalk for walkers when it snows); 3)​ Stock up on some essentials and non-perishables; and most importantly 4)​ Have fun! Winter in Buffalo does not mean hibernation - we clear roads quickly, get outside often, help our neighbors, and have a lot of fun.

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Enjoying The Outdoors

There are many ways to take advantage of the wintry months. Skiing and other slippery activities aren’t mandatory, but if they are in your plan (or your bucket list), you’re in luck. The Buffalo Niagara region has an amazing reputation, and more importantly, plenty of destinations for you to get your downhill, cross-country, boarding, tubing and tobogganing on. From curling to rink skating, ice bumper cars, year-round outdoor ropes courses, and snowmobiling, plus a ton of variously themed festivals, there’s plenty of opportunity to take part in the joys of the winter season throughout the Buffalo Niagara region’s eight counties. That’s right, for those who love being outdoors, there’s no reason to stop when the temperatures drop.

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