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So, you have a passion project sitting in your Notes app, and you’re finally ready to get started bringing it to life. Maybe work from home is getting a little too homey and all you need is a change of scenery. Or maybe, all you need is an energy boost to catch up on your email. Whatever’s motivating you, it’s a good idea to hustle in a space that inspires productivity. Here are some cool places in Buffalo to open the laptop, hit shuffle on your playlist, and get some work done.

Bean there, done that!

Sometimes, nothing inspires productivity like a jolt of caffeine. When that’s the case, head to Spot Coffee, one of Buffalo’s original community-oriented cafés. With 12+ locations, there’s always a Spot nearby. So, get busy, or relax and people-watch. From downtown to the quickly growing Hertel area to the village of Williamsville, try them all to find the one that suits your vibe.

Cafe Aroma​ is another great option. With a perfect location on the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Bidwell Parkway and a philosophy that supports Buffalo’s long history as an artists’ hub, Cafe Aroma is a must-hang when setting up a temporary home base.

For coffee and cocktails, try Remedy House​ in the microneighborhood of Five Points. The triangular space is always cozy; in the colder months, you’re shoulder to shoulder with friends—some you haven’t met yet! In summer, the footprint of the all-day café doubles when the floor-to-ceiling windows open to the street and sidewalk seating is added for the season.

Next head to West Side neighbor Khari's Cafe, in the middle of a beautiful neighborhood and steps from D'Youville College's campus. Get a spot by the huge windows, take in some rays, enjoy the playlist, and grab your favorite drink from the counter.

Farther south, but still within city limits, Undergrounds Coffee House​ has tasty treats named after Buffalo legends we’ve lost, including Ralph Wilson, Grover Cleveland, Teddy Roosevelt, and a loaded sandwich called The Rick James B****. An old funeral parlor, Undergrounds plays on its morbid roots with a Día​ de los Muertos theme.

Finally, don’t miss Public Espresso + Coffee, which is a showcase of artisanal splendor from multiple viewpoints. Spacious, airy, modern, and delicious, its location in the historic Hotel Lafayette makes it the perfect stop between meetings or a destination for a long work session.

Go old school

In Lafayette Square, adjacent to Public Espresso, the Central Library​ is the granddaddy of the venerable Buffalo and Erie County Public Library Systems. Libraries are the original shared workspace—places where people seek community as they conduct research, network, and access amenities like computers and wi-fi. There’s even a sweet café within the library, so you don’t have to leave for lunch.

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