Writing Her Own Story

Lian Bunny
Reporter, Buffalo Business First

Lian grew up in the Buffalo suburbs, but never felt like she got the full Buffalo experience.

“I grew up in the suburbs and didn’t really come to the city unless it was for a Bisons or Sabres game,” said Lian.

After journalism school at St. Bonaventure University in Western New York, she landed her first full-time job, relocating to Pittsburgh for a job reporting at their business journal. However, like many, the draw to move back home was strong. She relocated, working a few jobs within her industry before her current role at Buffalo Business First, the local market’s business journal.

Upon moving back, Lian had a very different experience with Buffalo. She rented an apartment in North Buffalo, right near all of the shops and restaurants that Hertel Avenue has to offer. Due to the pandemic, Lian has worked remotely quite often, but is no stranger to coffee shop tables or (her favorite spot) a perch at Buffalo History Museum overlooking Hoyt Lake.

The pandemic has also put priority on outdoor activities, of which Buffalo certainly does not lack. Lian has turned into a frequent hiker at Western New York’s beautiful hills and tennis player in Delaware Park. ​ ​

“We have so many different beautiful waterfront places to walk around and explore,” said Lian.

What did you miss most when you were away from Buffalo?

Having family close by is such a huge blessing. It’s easy to forget that until you don’t have it.

Where do you take friends who visit you in Buffalo?

I would normally take them to the waterfronts – Canalside and the Outer Harbor.

I actually met a friend of mine who lives in Buffalo, but in the southern suburbs, at the Outer Harbor. It was her first time there and she was amazed at how cool it was. It was like she was a tourist in her own home.

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