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Christian Edie
Kevin Cullen

Christian grew up in Buffalo but moved away at 18 to El Paso, Texas for a job as a climbing instructor. But after a few years, like many, she got the urge to come back home. One day back in Buffalo, she got connected to a group that was going ice climbing in the region. She had never done it but was interested in giving it a try. On that very first time ice climbing, she met Kevin.

“We’ve kind of been inseparable ever since,” said Christian.

Kevin had also grown up in Buffalo, moved away, and since came back. He had spent time in Rochester, New York, southern California, Colorado, and Maui, Hawaii. What brought each Kevin and Christian back to Buffalo is also what brought them together: A love for the outdoors, adventure, and the combination of which Buffalo Niagara has to offer.

The couple can be found through the winter ice climbing, blizzard surfing, snowboarding, snow kiting, bouldering, whitewater paddle-boarding, mountain biking, and more. And this December, they’ll do all of those activities and more in one day – 12 adventure sports in 24 hours, all within 55 miles and all within Western New York. You can see some of the couple in action here.

“Buffalo is up there with places like New Zealand and Oregon. There’s only a few places in the world you can do all of this,” said Kevin.

Both Kevin and Christian have started companies, including Adventure Sports Development​ and SUP Erie Adventures​ helping others find a passion in these extreme sports. ​ The pair are also part of the development of Hideaway Bay Resort - a Four Season Waterfront Recreation Destination in the heart of Silver Creek, NY that will feature 10 luxury tiny cabins, a 2,400 sq. ft. restaurant and event space, and four seasons of diverse world class recreation opportunities offered on site and within the region. ​

“A big motivator for this project is to create more ways to create access to all of these activities right here in our backyard for visitors and residents of the region alike,” said Kevin.

“People think, ‘Buffalo, there’s nothing to do, especially in winter’ and we want them to understand that’s far from the truth. It’s amazing the amount and variety of activities you can enjoy here,” said Christian.

We know you love winter. What else do you love about Buffalo?.

The entrepreneurial scene has been so great to us. The accessibility of support is incredible – from Launch NY to programs at University at Buffalo. Even top business minds are willing to grab a coffee and lend ideas. – Kevin

How have you found community in Buffalo?

It’s so easy to make connections in Buffalo. There are so many user groups, even more niche ones, doing all of these amazing things. Even at our wedding, we were seating the ice climbers with the surfers and mixing all of these groups because there are so many likeminded people that should know each other. – Christian

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