Barking Through Buffalo

Liz Tsai
CEO, HiOperator

The life on an entrepreneur can be hectic, to say the least. You’re always working. And when you’re not working, you’re still working.

Liz’s escape? Her three dogs (two of which are bigger than her).

“When I lived in Manhattan, we had 300 pounds of dog within a 600 square foot apartment,” Liz said. “Buffalo is really dog friendly. We go hiking in the southtowns or to the Knox Farm dog park.”

Liz moved herself and her startup to Buffalo in December of 2018, after living in Houston, Boston, San Francisco, New York City, and more. She pitched in Buffalo’s startup competition 43North, winning funding and further opportunity for growth.

“Buffalo was the place where it all made sense,” Liz said, about Buffalo’s low costs, growing startup ecosystem, back office workforce for her customer service tech company, and, of course, dog-friendliness.

What is most convenient about Buffalo?

There’s really no traffic. I walk to work, but when I drive anywhere it’s always very easy. You can always find parking, too. We went to the Taste of Buffalo and found a parking spot about two blocks away. In Manhattan, parking was $600 a month. In Buffalo, it’s easy.

What opportunity have you found in Buffalo?

The great thing about Buffalo is that you can pretty much get in touch with anyone you want to. It’s very accessible. It’s nice because everyone is excited about Buffalo. There’s a lot of energy and optimism here.

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