Techie’s Path To Buffalo

Natascha Thomas
Development Center Director, Rural Sourcing

For every story of a technically talented individual leaving a mid-tier city for the coastal behemoths, there’s a story like that of Natascha Thomas.

After several years in Los Angeles’ technology ecosystem at top companies like Electronic Arts and The Walt Disney Company, Natascha relocated to Mobile, Alabama. And when her company Rural Sourcing (RSI), a software development outsourcing firm, announced its opening of a new development center in Buffalo, Natascha eagerly raised her hand to relocate to Western New York and lead the new team.

“I relocated to Mobile, Alabama from Los Angeles, California to take my first position at Rural Sourcing. After 6 years there, I was ready to move again for a different set of experiences. I was excited to experience changing seasons and snow!”

As the Development Center Director at Rural Sourcing’s Buffalo center, Natascha is tasked with growing and leading a team of tech talent that will likely soon top 100 individuals.

“I’ve been in the tech industry since 2003 and have worked at many companies, big and small. Before joining Rural Souring, I got bored and didn’t want to stay at a company for more than a couple of years. I’ve been with RSI for 7 years now. That’s because it is the best place I have ever worked. I think this helps me bring in and retain talent, because when I share with them why this is a great place to work, it’s not a line given to me by the executive suite, it’s something that I truly believe.”

Now, Natascha has fully ingrained herself in the Buffalo community. She purchased a home in West Seneca and works out of Rural Sourcing’s digs in HANSA, a new coworking and shared office space. She has already felt the City of Good Neighbors vibe as well, with new neighbors offering to mow her lawn while she was down with COVID and giving tips on snowblower purchases ahead of her first winter.

“The folks in West Seneca are so welcoming and friendly. My neighbors welcomed me the first week I moved in and are just as friendly and warm today. We recently celebrated Halloween in our subdivision and it was a great experience to have all of the adult neighbors come together and visit to talk about the best costumes and candy offerings. I’m not as apprehensive about the upcoming snowfall because I know I’ll have the advice and support of my neighbors.”

What surprised you most about Buffalo?

Moving to Buffalo, I was expecting a small town feel similar to Mobile, Alabama, but I was wrong. Buffalo has the offerings of a large city with the friendly, small town feel that I prefer at this point in my life.

Favorite hobby/activity and spot to practice it in Buffalo?

I love hiking and camping, but had to give it up in Alabama because of the bugs. I’m looking forward to getting back into hiking here in Buffalo because the WNY fauna is more welcoming to folks that can’t abide large and numerous insects.

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