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Venus Quates

Venus grew up on the East Side of Buffalo but, like many prior to Buffalo’s revitalization, left at her first chance. She joined the Air Force, spending six years overseas and 16 away from Buffalo, all the while learning information technology.

In 2013, she moved back to Buffalo. When she reacquainted herself with the region, all she could see was opportunity.

“There’s so many opportunities for newbies,” Venus said. “Bring your hustler attitude but leave the overpopulation and pollution of the mega metro behind.”

Venus started her own tech company, LAUNCHTECH, doing everything from health sciences IT to blockchain on government contracts. Now, LAUNCHTECH employs around over 20 people.

“I grew up on the East Side of Buffalo where most people counted you out,” Venus said. “To come back here and build a multimillion-dollar tech company, as a minority woman, is crazy. The opportunity is here—I can say that from my own experience.”

How are you involved in the community?

I’m on the board of the Girl Scouts. We actually just introduced a new cyber security badge, which I was really proud to play a part in. We’re introducing a new generation of young girls to tech, which is really cool.

What is your favorite local restaurant?

My brother owns Myracle’s Soul Food. They’re young guys, but they cook like they’re 80-year-old southern women. I also love Pho 54 and Rin Thai Bistro.

That’s the thing about Buffalo. I’m a world traveler and you can get things here that you just can’t get anywhere else. It’s those little shops with the “Cheers” type atmosphere that make this place so great. ​ ​

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