Engineering Her Future in Buffalo

Merelin Antoni Ruiz
Supplier Quality Engineer, Moog

Merelin was born and raised in Mexico before moving to a diverse Detroit neighborhood at the age of 14. When it was time for college, she chose Wayne State University, a mostly minority school. But as she graduated and began a series of five internships, she saw a change in those she was surrounded by.

“I was somewhat in shock. The more I advanced in my career, the less people I saw that looked like me,” said Merelin, a diverse woman in the engineering field.

So, as she looked for her next career and location move, she prioritized diversity and her ability to make an impact. She met Moog at a career fair in Michigan, took a 6-month internship, and then a subsequent full-time supply chain job in Buffalo.

Now, she’s already been promoted, thanks to the relationships she was able to develop with customers and suppliers, especially those in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico where she could communicate fluently and build an enhanced comfort level.

And she’s using her free time to clear the next person’s path as well. She volunteers with BEAM, Buffalo area Engineering and Awareness for Minorities and is involved with the Society of Women Engineers.

“I want to be one of those people I wish I had,” Merelin said. “I want to be that big sister and that example – especially to women and minorities.”

What do you do in your free time?

I love cooking and eating great food. I’ve found awesome cooking classes and workshops. I went to the Taste of Buffalo festival to build my restaurant hit list. La Divina Tacos and Taqueria Los Mayas have great Mexican food locally.

Why pursue a job within the aerospace industry?

I like making moves that are drastic. I’ve been in the banking, health care, and automotive industries previously. I guess I look for diversity in my life and in the places that I work.

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