The City of Good Neighbors

Ian Hall
Staff Analyst, Lumsden McCormick

As a college kid on a budget, Ian often had a tough time justifying going all the way home to Missouri for Thanksgiving holidays throughout his four years at LaSalle College in Philadelphia. Luckily, his roommate was a Buffalonian.

And as Buffalonians do, his roommate’s family welcomed him in for the holidays with open arms. They even took in Ian’s brother and sister, too, who were both in Philadelphia as well.

“They took in three kids they barely knew,” Ian said. “Every time I came to Buffalo, I just had a wonderful time. They were so warm and welcoming.”

It was those fond feelings that made Ian want to move to Buffalo after college. He started searching and eventually landed a job with Lumsden McCormick as a staff analyst doing business valuations and forensic accounting.

​ “Buffalo has a big city vibe and amenities, but smaller town warmth and friendliness,” Ian said. “It comes off unassuming, but it’s so great. There’s so much to do here.”

What are your favorite things to do in Buffalo?

I love the outdoors. I take my dog hiking once or twice a week. I’ve gone cross country skiing. I love gardening and there are so many opportunities to get involved in small community gardens.

What most surprised you about Buffalo?

The affordability. Being from Missouri, when you think of New York State you think of such high prices and rent through the roof. But when I moved here, I realized your dollar goes quite a bit further. Even just buying a beer.

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