Around The World and Back Again

Indu Dewan
Business Technology Manager, KeyBank

Indu and Nitin met in the early 2000s in Seneca One Tower – Buffalo’s largest building.

Indu, though born in India, grew up mostly in Buffalo. She graduated high school here. Attended University at Buffalo for undergrad and Canisius College for her MBA. Nitin, on the other hand, moved to Buffalo from England on a two-year contract.

Eventually, they married. And each of their jobs took them on subsequent moves across the world – with stints in Chicago, Hong Kong, and India. ​

But when it was time for another move – a more permanent one – despite job opportunities in other cities and a home they already owned waiting for them in Chicago, the couple chose Buffalo.

“It’s the people, the food, the affordability, the outdoor activities, the water, the art, the architecture. Buffalo really has everything,” said Nitin.

The couple moved with a baby, who is today a big sister in their Williamsville-based family of four.

“I have lived across the world, in what many people would consider ‘cool’ or high amenity places, and I have honestly never felt like I have sacrificed anything by living in Buffalo,” said Indu. “We truly love it here.”

What would surprise people about Buffalo?

I’ve eaten in the best restaurants around the world – in Hong Kong, Chicago, and others – and the food in Buffalo is incredible. -Indu

How does Buffalo fit your family?

When we were young and dating, we were exploring restaurants and bars. And today with two daughters, we’re exploring parks and museums. We’ve in a way grown up with Buffalo. -Nitin

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