2,600 Miles to Buffalo

Rosa Alina Pizzi
Attorney, Phillips Lytle

Rosa and her husband were both lawyers at big firms in New York City. And though they loved the city, they knew it wasn’t the long-term fit. So, they took a year to think about their next move. And in the meantime, they traveled. The couple hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico all the way to Canada.

“We had a 2,600 mile walk to think about our next move,” Rosa said. ​

Along the hike, they talked about what they wanted in a new location.

“We wanted to live in a walkable neighborhood. We wanted easily accessible outdoor opportunities. I’m half Mexican and half Cuban, so we really valued diversity. We wanted cultural institutions. We wanted affordability. We wanted to feel like we could make a difference. And of course, we both wanted to feel like we were advancing in our career.”

After 2,600 miles of conversation, online research, and job searches, the couple decided to visit Buffalo.

“It charmed us,” said Rosa.

The couple moved to Buffalo in the winter of 2015, first renting in the Elmwood Village and then buying a house in the same neighborhood. Rosa landed a gig at Phillips Lytle and her husband with the New York Attorney General’s office.

How have you found community in Buffalo?

It’s a welcoming place. It feels like everyone’s hometown, even if you only just moved here. It’s a special place. It has its own traditions and festivals. There are all these things embedded in Buffalo, but everyone wants to share them with you.

How have you gotten involved locally?

I’m on the FeedMore WNY Community Ambassador Council and I serve on the board of Shakespeare in Delaware Park. Also through my work I get to have a hand in really incredible development projects for our resurgence.

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