Buffalo Niagara as a Climate Change Refuge

How Buffalo's Weather Is Going From Punchline to Lifeline

You read that right. In the not-so-distant future, Buffalo may have the most desirable climate in the United States. A Harvard University study found that Buffalo will be a refuge from the immediate effects of climate change thanks to our abundant fresh water, mild temperatures, ready infrastructure, and more. Buffalo is the 4th safest city from natural disasters, based on a CityLab report. It’s strategically located along the Great Lakes – the largest fresh water supply in the world. And it’s already ahead of the game in the clean energy transfer, as Upstate NY has the cleanest electric power profile in the country, thanks in large part to hydropower from Niagara Falls.

The effects of climate change may cause frequent drought, unlivable heat in some areas of the country, and a higher quantity and severity of natural disasters, each of which Buffalo is better protected from. The weather that so often places Buffalo in the b-block of national news broadcasts may soon be its strongest advantage. And already now Buffalo is welcoming those displaced by climate change.

You can become a local Climate Action Ambassador here, learn about climate change here, and visit the Western New York Sustainable Business Roundtable to access tools that advance sustainability here.

Great Lakes account for 20% of Earth’s fresh water

Average July temperature

4th safest city from natural disasters

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